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 USB Cable

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USB cable offers many advantages for connecting devices for personal and business applications. Connection with USB interfaces is the standard for fast and efficient data transfer with printers, external hard drives, PDAs, flash memory, TVs, and much more. USB cable is the modern technology offering quick integration with hot pluggable attributes to plug and unplug for device recognition (certain devices require ejecting or closing the device's application before unplugging the device for data loss prevention). USB (Universal Serial Bus) is known by its trident shaped logo and come in variety of connection types such as Type A & B and Mini A & B for various USB device support.

As a standard USB cable connection with modern technologies, USB cables are reliable and efficient in many ways. USB cables for novice consumers can easily connect devices without wasting time trying to figure out the connection with its unique interfaces. PDE Technology Corp offers custom USB cable products to meet your demands at an affordable price point.

USB Cable 2.0 A/B

Color: Clear, Beige, Black  
USB Cable 2.0 A/B   29-0682: 3' 
     -0401: 6' 
     -0498: 10' 
     -0472: 15' 
USB Cable 2.0 A-A M-M

Color: Beige, Black  
USB Cable 2.0 A-A   29-0622: 6' 
     -0669: 10' 
     -0477: 15' 
USB Cable 2.0 A-A M-F

USB 2.0 A-A M-F Cable  29-0620: 6' 
     -0621: 10' 
     -0623: 15' 

USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable

USB Extension Cable   29-1174:  16' 
USB 2.0 A-Mini B 4 Pin

USB Cable 2.0 A-Mini B 4 Pin  29-0618: 6' 
USB 2.0 A-Mini B 5 Pin

USB Cable 2.0 A-Mini B 5 Pin  29-0619: 6' 
Internal Cbl Mini 5P A-FEM

  29-0779: No Plate 
Internal Cbl 2.0 A Type FEM-A

  29-0685: 18" 
USB 2.0 Net Link Cable

  29-0798: 2M 
PWR Pass Thru CBL PWR Jack + Inside



Dual PWR Pass Thru CBL Grey PWR Jack + Outside

Dual PWR Pass Thru CBL Black PWR Jack + Inside



Adapter Serial DB9M-USB AM

USB I/O with C50 Plate, B M-F

  14-1623: 10" 
  14-1623-16: 16" 

USB 2.0 HUB 4 Port

USB External Cable PS/2 Adapter


Adapter AFEM-PS/2M

Gender Changer A Type F-F


Adapter AM-PS/2F

USB-A M/M Gender Changer Adapter


A/F to B/F Changer Adapter

B/M to B/M Changer Adapter

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